The Sweat Obsessed Summer

12 week, all inclusive, & cohesive wellness program.


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What is TSO?!

The Sweat Obsessed is a 12 week, all inclusive, & cohesive wellness program. We cover your fitness program, nutrition plan, mindset training, in addition to live group calls, & a members only community. Say hello to the program that will change your life & be ready to be #SweatObsessed.

The 4 Pillars to TSO

Fitness + Mindset + Nutrition + Community

Fitness Programming

This is the bread & butter of #TSO. Each week you will be provided with follow along workout videos. These workout videos will all be a combination of body weight workouts & dumbbell workouts that you can do anywhere. All TSO members will receive a Dhurva YogiStick, & a Glute Loop, both of which will be used in our weekly workouts. Expect to burn, shake & sweat as we elevate our fitness. Oh did I mention, you get to keep these videos, FOREVER?!

Customized Nutrition

Guess what?! You'll never have to guess again about your nutrition. All TSO members get tested for their unique & custom diet type through our partner, Gene Food. The Gene Food Custom Nutrition Plan uses your raw genetic data to craft a custom nutrition plan tailored to your DNA. This is information true to your body that you will keep forever & the founder himself, John O'Connor, will be a resource to help decipher our plans.

Mindset Work

Where the mind goes, the body will follow. Our mental fitness is JUST as important as our physical fitness. This 12 week course dives deep into our inner soul channeling. We will be joined by guest coaches with expertise in neurology,, growth mindset, & the power of positive thinking to keep our minds strong. You will leave this program with the tools that will equip you to understand the power of your mindset so you can be limitless.

Ultimate Accountability

It is beyond extraordinary to be surrounded by a supportive, uplifting & positive community. It is the fast track to moving forward in life and breaking through barriers. While building out TSO, I've noted the importance of creating a community so that you are not alone going through these challenges. TSO includes a members only FB group where we can connect, Q&A and conquer together.


Exuding confidence, positivity, and passion, Stephania has become influential in the Phoenix, San Diego and now online fitness space. After experiencing 8 years of personal training, fitness & yoga instruction, she has a well rounded perspective on creating + maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This program, THE SWEAT OBSESSED, is a transformative program that will allow you to walk away with the tools & confidence to maintain your fitness, nutrition & wellness needs from the comfort of your own living room. 

Let's Sweat!









Are you ready?!

Are you ready to land a spot in this small group training program? With daily follow along fitness videos, paired with an online group training setting, you are destined to succeed. Let's get sweaty!

Meet our TSO Guest Coaches


Dr. Sara is a brilliant Neurologist who understands, practices & preaches the importance of a healthy lifestyle. She  believes that while we aren’t always dealt the best cards in life, with resilience, consistency, and a strong mind, we can achieve greatness in this world and fulfillment of the mind and body. Get ready for good tips on healthy brain living and hopefully empower you to reach your goals. 


Dr. Jarrod Goldberg is an exceptional dentist with degrees with honors from the prestigious schools of UCLA, Colombia and NYU. He believes that the ultimate goal of any dental work is health, function, stability, and beauty. He will be teaching us how our health is gravely impacted by 


Courtney's passion lies in the understanding that our power comes from within and when we able to connect with this power, that's when life truly gets exciting! Through a combination of breathwork, energy work, and coaching, she helps her clients return to themselves. Be ready for an electric breathwork breakthrough session.


Dr. Sam Wagg is an incredible chiropractor who believes health has many sectors. Through mentoring and coaching he empowers patients by teaching them to recognize how daily decisions add up in their life. We will be learning all about hormones & healthy ways to reset them to find balance in our everyday lives.


Melissa Capp has coached individuals for over 8 years, and from all walks of life; From high level athletes, to people recovering from orthopaedic surgeries, and everyone in between. She teaches people how to move efficiently to decrease pain, risk of injury, and improve their quality of life. Coach Melissa will be covering a mobility class for us to incorporate into our everyday lives for longevity. 


John, O'Connor, a passionate “bio-individualist,” who believes there is no one size fits all approach to nutrition. His current journey is one of self discovery aimed at gaining as much insight as possible as to how his unique physiology works. In conjunction with Dr. Aaron Gardner, Gene Food’s head of research and resident geneticist, John is the founder & CEO of Gene Food.


A Masters in Leadership, a CPA, & Professional Certified Life Coach, Amber brings a blend of grace and warrior spirit that compels her to bring up the un-discussable and un-cover the un-discoverable. She joins forces with TSO to deliver energy management skills. 


With more certifications than room on this entire website to list, Kyle is one of the top trainers in the country. He understands the holistic approach to healthy, spirituality & nutrition. In addition to his coaching, he is the CEO of FIT365, a natural supplement company. 



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